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What should you watch out for when choosing a stroller?

If your baby has a habit of taking a nap, choose a baby stroller that can sit and lie. Some small details of choosing a stroller need to pay attention:

1, if it is a car to lay, first understand the length and width of the reclining part, according to the height of your baby's height to choose the appropriate size of the car.

2, if you often want to go out so large basket is very necessary, because go out in addition to pushing the baby, but also bring a lot of baby use things, are also very tired on their backs.

3, some umbrellas look light, but look carefully back is a layer of cloth on the back of the buttocks, there is no back support, the baby's little spine is very bad, sitting for a long time will be uncomfortable.

4. When the baby is sitting, the 95 degree angle of the seat back is the most comfortable. The baby who can sit alone rarely leans on the back of the chair unless it is tired. If the back of the chair can only receive a 105 degree car, the back of the baby must be left unoccupied after sitting on it.

5, to take into account the different seasons, the design of the car is slightly different. Summer is usually a variety of mesh breathable design, and the so-called four seasons are usually very hot in summer. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy black because of the black color in the summer.

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